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IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have taken the decision to close our warehouse for the Christmas Holiday period. Further import restrictions into the country have made the distribution of goods extremely difficult and we have decided to limit the impact on our business by having an extended break.

We wish you all a happy holidays from PreciousLittleOne.


If you’re reading this it’s most probably because you or someone you know is expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet. Congratulations!

For the uninitiated Cosatto stands for ‘Baby Stuff With Personality’. In other words, products that stand out from the crowd and get you and your little ones noticed.

At Cosatto we’re on a mission to bring you a better range every year and this season we’ve got some GREAT new additions! Thanks to you mums and dads for letting us know what you think of our stuff – we’ve made some great little changes that are sure to make a BIG difference to you.

With comfort packs and newly improved Cosy Toes throughout the pushchairs range, our strollers are the comfiest, cosiest you can buy. The new 3 in 1 design means that all Cosatto cot beds can be used as sofas, making them useful for years to come – ingenious!





There are 3 options: 3-in-1 combi’s, from birth strollers and nip about strollers. If there are two tots, choose from twins or tandems.

Our folding mechanisms are simple and straight forward. For added security, most have auto lock functions too. A key thing to look for is the folded size so it’s easy to work out which will fit in your car boot, making life even simpler!

Zzz Recline – it’s snooze time! We mention different recline positions on our model descriptions – this gives baby a more comfortable position when he’s ready for a snooze. Each of our models has backrest recline functions designed to make them as easy and smooth as possible, so as not to wake him when he nods off. All suitablefrom- birth strollers recline to 150o which is ideal for brand new babies.

Most of our pushchairs & combi models have built in suspension so that baby gets a smooth ride. Essentially, this allows you to amble and ramble while baby stays comfy and safe. Pneumatic tyres, the same as on a bicycle, give a smooth ride on bumpy surfaces. All of our models have super clever lockable swivel wheels because they’re easy to manoeuvre on normal ground; and when fixed, wheels are better on rough surfaces.

The 'do everything'

So, you want a ‘Do Everything-Pushchair-Pram-Thingummybob’? We call ’em 3-in-1 Combi’s. They take baby from the just-arrived “isn’t he cute?” time to the terrible-toddler phase and beyond.

Our Combi’s include a chassis or frame, a pram body (like a carry cot but a bit more modern) and a pushchair seat. We include essential bits like Cosy Toes, changing bag, rain cover, basket and all that good stuff. You can even buy a co‑ordinating car seat to match that simply slots into the frame, or adapters if you have a Maxi-Cosi®* car seat.

The 'everyday'

OK, so maybe you want something a bit more ‘Everyday’? We’re talking 'from birth strollers' here. That means: a 150º reclining seat (which makes it suitable for a new baby), sturdy frames, extra wide seats, chunky wheels and lots of suspension. We’ll have you rockin’ and a rollin’ in no time.
The 'nip about'

If you simply want to get from A to B – whether it’s holiday time or a trip to the shops – that’s cool, we can help with that too! Our lightweight, easy fold, holiday-a-gogo, no fuss stroller, Hula is perfect!
The 'twins'

So there’s two little bods in need of transport . . . That’s our thing too! We’ve got a fabulous tandem ideal for compact travel and award-winning side by side twins to make you smile.
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