Bed-e-byes Spike & Buzz Wall Canvas Detailed Information

"Catch me if you can" laughed Buzz as she looped the loop. Spike loved this game. "Look at me" he giggled, as he rolled into a little tiny ball & chased his best friend down the hill.

The adorable hedgehog and playful bee who adorn this range feature as exquisite appliquéd embroideries throughout. A soft woven stripe in shades of buttercup, orange, lime and toffee with aqua accents are complemented with rich cream. Pin tucks, badge detailing and contemporary design make this a beautiful nursery interior for all to enjoy.

This printed canvas featuring the lovable hedgehog & bee from our Spike & Buzz interior collection, is a perfect finishing touch for your baby's nursery.

* The stripe wall canvas is available to buy serperately.
* Size 30cm x 30cm
* No wall attachments are supplied with this product. This is because the type of fittings used are determined by the walls composition.