Chicco Natural Feeling 2 Pack Teat (Variable Flow) Detailed Information

Designed to replicate the instinctive way baby feeds. The truly angled teat ensures correct and intuitive suction, just like at your breast, giving you peace of mind. The only range that comes with the truly anti-colic angled teat, for peaceful feeding. Chicco NaturalFeeling Variable Flow Teat can be adjusted to suit the baby's needs, by turning the desired flow rate number on the teat to be under the baby's nose; 1: Slow flow 2: Medium Flow 3: Fast Flow.

Why Buy Me?
Suitable from 3 months (Variable flow)
Truly Angled Teat
Always stays full of milk, reducing air intake.
Twin anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion, gas and reflux.
Encourages correct neck positioning for newborns.
Soft and wide base aids natural latch and easy transition between breast and bottle.