Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Detailed Information

A play gym to grow with baby, the Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini offers 4 modes of use suitable from birth. Lying on their back will encourage baby to reach out for toys and develop motor skills. Tummy time with the supportive pillow lets baby engage with the mirror, while when in the sitting position thy can explore the included toys. The movable arches create a cosy space for both baby and parent to bond.

0-6 months
The gym's colours, textures and sounds stimulate baby's senses from the very first days. Let baby try to reach out and bat at the cloud mobile, wind chime and rattle doll, or explore her own image in the house mirror while on her tummy.

6 months
Once baby is sitting up, he can go on exploring the various features in a more sophisticated way, playing the recording bird toy, enjoying the peek-a-boo tree, etc.

12 months
As baby's fine motor skills and cognition develop, she will learn how to use the cute recording bird both to play mom or dad's recordings and to record her own voice an exciting discovery!