Casdon Dinnerware & Tea Set Detailed Information

Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house - just like the grown-ups! This Tea Set has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little cook will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

34-piece set including cups, saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, milk, jug, cutlery and play food. The ideal complement to other toys in our Little Cook category. Realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills. 

Box includes
Benefit Tick4 x Cups
Benefit Tick4 x Saucers
Benefit Tick4 x Plates
Benefit Tick1 x Teapot
Benefit Tick1 x Sugar Bowl
Benefit Tick1 x Milk Jug
Benefit Tick4 x Forks
Benefit Tick4 x Knives
Benefit Tick4 x Teaspoons
Benefit Tick1 x Yummy Cake