Bebecar Magic Footmuff (White) Detailed Information

The fantastic Magic collection, made with leatherette details and high quality "Panama Magic" fabrics, which contain a special anti-stain treatment.  Thanks to its finish composed of billions of nanofilms, stains do not penetrate the outer fabric, allowing it to maintain its initial characteristics for everyday use and even after washing.  Thus, light colours are no longer a problem and your Magic collection product will always remain with a fantastic look.

How and Why it Works?
Conventional stain protectors form a thin film over the fabric, causing tension on the surface and thus preventing water and oil molecules from penetrating the fibres.  In its initial state the efficacy of this film is good but with use quickly diminishes.  Friction and washing of textiles causes the film to break down and, just like a paper label, to peel off after only a few washes.  Thus within a short space of time the surface tension is lost and stains are able to penetrate the fibres.  More important, conventional stain protectors form a thick film over the fabric that stops the breathability of the textiles.

Truly magic...!

The Bebecar Footmuff is made from soft, comfortable fabric and will keep your baby warm in winter and comfortable in the summer months.
Why buy me?
Large padded footmuff complete with a storm flap
Front apron zips off to form a seat liner