Bed-e-byes Bramble & Smudge Light Shade Detailed Information

One day Smudge had an idea, "let me teach you how to dance" she said. "I'm not very dainty" giggled Bramble the Bear as he tripped over his own feet.

This adorable pair are beautifully embroidered throughout this stylish collection. Luxurious appliquéd fabrics, baby soft cord, snugly fleece and linen are complemented by faux leather detailing.

With natural shades of vanilla, oatmeal, chocolate brown and its timeless elegance, make this a popular choice for a little one's nursery.

Crisp cream cotton is complemented with a linen mix to create the finishing touch to your nursery.

* 100% Cotton
* H 37.5cm W 25.5cm Approx
* Maximum 40 watt bulb