Kinder Valley Broderie Anglais Nursing Pillow (White) Detailed Information

This Nursing Pillow strong and firm to provide good support to your precious little one whilst feeding and support their back. 

The nursing pillow will also grip around your waistline comfortably offering you a feeling of security and remove the need for you to keep adjusting it for comfort during feeding. 

The multi use pillow has many functions including pre-natal back support for you, optional between knees support whilst sleeping or as a wedge to rest under your tummy when sleeping on your side. 

Rest your baby, within the curve, on the floor after feeding, prop your baby within whilst they learn to sit upright and cushion their fall if they topple over. Older kids can lie on the pillow to watch their favourite programme

Benefit TickPregnancy Pillow - Back support for a mum
Benefit TickNursing Pillow - Support pillow for breast feeding
Benefit TickBaby Pillow - Nestle your baby comfortably whilst resting
Benefit TickSupport Pillow - Surround tumble support as they learn to sit