Walltastic Hello Kitty Wallpaper Mural Detailed Information

Transform your room with this amazing Hello Kitty feature wall mural from Walltastic, perfect for girls who love Hello Kitty.  Highly detailed, unique, 3D, computer-generated murals. Suitable for Tots to Teens. Easy to put up in 12 pieces. For kids bedrooms, Nursery, Playrooms or Games Rooms.

Walltastic is interactive and educational for your children by giving them opportunities for identifying all of the elements of the design such as animals and characters.

Transform your kids bedroom with this themed wall mural. Arrives in twelve strips similar to wallpaper each size width 20inches x 48inches (50.8cm x 121.9cm) to give an overall design sized width 10ft x height 8ft (305cm x 244cm approx). Requires adhesive.

Size: 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. Comes in 12 strips no need to struggle cutting or measuring long awkward rolls!
Walltastic has a unique blue backing which means if you do not wish to strip off the existing wallpaper there is no need to, the blue backing will not let the existing paper show through.
Make your childrens room a fun place to be.

Manufactured in the UK
Apply to wall with paste.
Comes in a Postal Tube, rolled like wallpaper.