Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (Red) Detailed Information

This innovative Tiny LoveŽ product features a fun seat fitted with an engaging toy, a rocker that soothes baby with gentle rocking movements, and a flat pad (180 ° ) with raised borders, which makes for a safe and cozy sleeping environment. Three uses in one product! 

Why buy me?
Benefit TickRocker easily converts from seat to comfy napper
Benefit TickSoothing movements rock your baby at all 3 reclining positions
Benefit TickFlat pad with raised borders offers a safe & cosy napper environment
Benefit TickCute electronic toy dangles on an adjustable arm

Benefit TickEasy switch from sit to sleep (one hand operation)
Benefit TickAdjustable arm for easy parental access which also adjusts according to baby's position
Benefit TickBaby-activated electronic toy with 9 different tunes
Benefit TickAdorable pals - rattling snail and flowery mirror
Benefit Tick3 different reclining positions with soft fabrics for a cosy environment
Benefit TickCalming vibrations felt throughout seat

Did you know?
Benefit TickBaby's development never stops - they develops through play and even during sleep. Allowing them to play independently and then naturally fall asleep, without waking them up in the middle, delivers peace and calmness and  helps baby develop their Emotional Intelligence . 
Benefit TickAbout a fifth of all babies suffer from colic, and their parents suffer along with them... The 3 in 1 Rocker-Napper's vibrating movements could help your baby's immature digestive system, relax their discomfort and help them pass wind. 

1-3 Months
Benefit TickQuiet time alone is very important to baby's development. Let your baby enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the 3 in 1 Rocker-Napper while playing with the rattling snail and flowery mirror.  
Benefit TickIf your baby suffers from reflux, the middle reclining position is ideal and may help her digest more easily.  

3-6 Months
Benefit TickMove the Rocker-Napper's hanging electronic toy to the appropriate distance from baby's palm, so that when they raises their hand he can hit the toy or, later, grasp it with ease.