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Brother Max Carry & Hang Nightlight - Bunny
Brother Max Carry & Hang Nightlight - Bear

Brother Max has identified a potential safety issue with their Carry & Hang Nightlights following an isolated incident where the product overheated.  The incident is being fully investigated and due to the potentially serious nature of the risk and their commitment to safety, they have taken a precautionary decision to voluntarily recall this product until further notice.

If you are in possession of this product, you should stop using it immediately and unplug at the mains. Please then e-mail the below helpline.

E-mail: family@brothermax.com

Tel: 01280 878266

Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday 9.00am – 3.00pm

iCandy Peach 2016 model (batch E10799 to batch E10896)

Register for a new improved buckle directly through the iCandy website via this link http://www.icandyworld. com/uk/en/support/form/

KinderKraft Easy Swing

Due to regulation changes regarding the use of electrical adaptors and conversion plugs, we have been advised that the EU AC Adaptor and conversion plug supplied with this product no longer complies with the latest guidelines. In order to resolve this non-compliance we are able to send you a UK AC Adaptor. If you would like a replacement adaptor then please complete this form: order a replacement cable. Once we have received this information your new UK AC Adaptor will be dispatched along with a returns postage stamp to return the original EU Adaptor and conversion plug at your earliest convenience.

Further details on the product safety improvement notice for the Ickle Bubba Stomp v2 and v3.

Further details on the safety checks for the Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip and Armadillo Flip XT.

LeapFrog Scout & Friends Baby Walker (Detachable Phone Part ONLY) Voluntary Recall

Further explanation and details on the recent Watchdog investigation in to the Cosatto Giggle.

Further details on the recall of a limited batch of Joie Stages car seats.

Britax BABY SAFE Voluntary Recall
Britax have identified a potential quality issue with the handle on certain BRITAX BABY-SAFE infant carriers.
This relates to certain infant carriers that were purchased between 1 February 2012 and 31 March 2012.
If you purchased a BRITAX BABY-SAFE infant carrier between these dates, please click here to read the safety bulletin on the Britax website, and to see if your carrier is affected.
Full details are available if you click on the link above. If you require further information please contact Britax on +44 (0)1264 386 034 or via email baby-safe.uk@britax.com

Phil & Teds Improved Mechanism for fitting brakes to Explorer and Hammerhead Strollers
Whilst the previous construction (Series 1; January 2011 and earlier) passed all safety certification, testing of the new method of fitting brakes has shown it to be significantly more durable.
Phil & Teds implemented the upgrade in production some months ago, creating ‘Series 2’ Explorer and Hammerhead buggies. Series 1 Explorer and Hammerhead buggies are identifiable by serial numbers between 0610/0001 and 0111/4788.
No other stroller is affected. Our solution is a simple frame swap that, in the case of the Explorer can be implemented easily at home by the customer, or for the Hammerhead at our repair centre.
Any customer potentially qualifying is best to register on-line for the free frame swap via the Phil & Teds website: www.philandteds.com/support. Alternatively they can call our customer care team on 01234 344230 or email upgrade@outnabout.com. We will then send a frame kit direct to them, which will include full instructions.

Phil & Teds Sport V2 / Classic V1 Buggies Issue of Free Hinge Covers
Phil & Teds have announced their intention to issue free hinge covers for the discontinued Sport V2 and Classic V1 buggies. This action is in response to a small number of reported cases of adult users getting a finger caught in the hinge, causing injury.

The kit consists of a simple plastic cover that can be slotted into place on the affected buggies hinge, preventing fingers being inadvertently placed in the hinge when the user is folding the buggy.

Any affected customers can request a kit to be sent to them free of charge via the Phil & Teds website – www.philandteds.com/recalls

Cosatto Stratford Cot Bed in White or Nut manufactured between 01/09/2005 and 18/03/2009
Cosatto have developed a safety enhancement device for the above mentioned product which improves the security if it is moved or lifted for any reason.
Due to the two piece cot bed end construction, it is possible to create a gap between the lower and upper cot bed leg sections, with the possibility of injury to parent or child. It is also possible that, in some cases, partial disassembly of the drop side mechanism may occur, rendering the cot bed unsafe.
If you think you own a Cosatto Stratford Cot Bed, in either white or nut finish, please check the Product Description Label. Then check the Date Code Label to see if your cot bed is affected. You will find these labels on the mattress base slats.
The only versions affected have Date Code Labels dated from 01/09/2005 to 18/03/2009 (inclusive) and were sold throught UK and Ireland.
Please note: Stratford Cot Beds manufactured after this date are unaffected.
Once you have carried out the above checks and you think you may have a Stratford Cot Bed that is affected, please contact Cosatto immediately via 0871 977 3900 or via email at stratford@cosatto.com.
Cosatto will send out, by return post and without charge, a component, an Allen key and fitting instructions to enable you to easily complete the safety enhancement.
Fisher Price Rainforest Open Top Take Along Swing - Model K7195
The space between the seat and frame can pose an entrapment hazard to the occupant.

You can call Mattel on 01628 500303 for more information.

Lindam Soft-Sided/Fabric Playpen - Model LD123 - 44373/44483
Lindam have identified a small potential safety risk with the soft-sided playpen. A small assembly bolt may work itself loose and detach from the product which may potentially cause a choking hazard. As a precautionary measure if you have one of these items purchased before 16th February 2009 stop using it immediately. Please return the product to our store in Grantham for a refund or exchange. This notice is for all colour variants of the soft-sided playpen only and does not affect the Lindam Safe and Secure Metal Playpen or any other Lindam product. If you have any queries please call 0871 7021000.
Britax Viva/Nexus Stroller
Britax Excelsior Ltd have decided to provide a free remedy kit for its Viva and Nexus stollers. The remedy kit contains two hinge covers for added protection and will be available for all Viva and Nexus strollers.

All customers who own a Viva or Nexus stroller and would like to order the free remedy kit should contact the Britax customer support at 01264 386034 or nexus@britax.com.

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